Learning to sing?

Need help finding your voice?

With over 20 years of experience in teaching and performing, Michael Newman has helped hundreds of people to easier, more satisfying vocal use.



After receiving a Distinction in Grade 8 Voice (ABRSM) at the age of 17, Michael continued his training at the Chichester College of Arts & Portsmouth and Sheffield Universities.

Since then, he has taught individuals, choirs and groups all over the U.K. at a professional and amateur level.

He currently leads two amateur choirs in South Yorkshire and maintains a vigorous performance schedule.

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“… a very warm and enthusiastic Teacher,
who inspires his pupils to explore the voice in a spirit of fun”
Guillermo Rozenthuler

“Michael has a way of explaining things like you’ve always known them.” – Ryan Stevens

“I found myself making sounds I never knew I could make” – Bina Shaheen.

Previous clients include: HSBC, Clear Links, Rainbow Futures and individuals from many professions – Teachers, Policemen, Mothers, Managers, Students…


New Branding…

On the 23rd of November 2018, I changed my trading name from VocalEdge and launched this new website: Voicework U.K. I look forward to continuing to serve Sheffield and it’s environs in the capacity of Singing Teacher and vocal coach.   Best regards, Michael Newman.